American College of Clinical Pharmacy

About the PRN

Established in 2015, the Global Health Practice and Research Network (PRN) was created out of a need to provide pharmacists, trainees, and researchers a single network to collaborate and share resources to enhance global health. Often, global health is thought of as something that happens somewhere else. However, the Global Health PRN view of global health is more expansive: global health aims to achieve health equity for all people world-wide and requires transnational effort to achieve this goal. We envision and strive for a healthcare landscape in which thoughtful, context-inclusive, resource-efficient care for transnational health issues is provided through collaborative and equitable interprofessional and interinstitutional partnerships. Global Health PRN members consist of pharmacists and pharmacy learners from diverse clinical backgrounds who share the mission to promote the role of clinical pharmacy in global health through developing programs that improve the knowledge and skills of members; fostering collaborative connections; promoting student and post-graduate global health training opportunities; and sharing best practices for education, practice, research, and ethical engagement. The PRN is active through multiple committees including Programming, Member Engagement, Scholarship, and Nominations.